Monthly Archives: April 2019

Scientists Have Created an Artificial Retina Implant That Could Restore Vision to Millions

credits:factidiot instagram Scientists have developed a retinal implant that can restore lost vision in rats, and are planning to trial the procedure in humans later this year. The implant, which converts light into an electrical signal that stimulates retinal neurons, could give hope to millions who experience retinal degeneration – including retinitis pigmentosa – in which photoreceptor […]

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Scientists build a machine to generate quantum superposition of possible futures

Unlike classical particles, quantum particles can travel in a quantum superposition of different directions. Mile Gu, together with researchers from Griffith harnessed this phenomena to design quantum devices that can generate a quantum superposition of all possible futures. Credit: NTU, Singapore. In the 2018 movie Avengers: Infinity War, a scene featured Dr. Strange looking into 14 […]

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