Friction in our daily life

Yes, friction is must and mandatory.

Whats friction?

It is a force which opposses the relative of two surfaces to be in contact.

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Imagine a scenario where there is no friction on the ground. You are driving a car and suddenly encounter a child lying on the road. What would happen?

He will be crushed to death.

There is a fluid in our brain that has round motion when we rotate. If there was no friction to stop that fluid from motion in our brain, there would be dizziness whole life, once we start to rotate and finally stop.
Look at the below scenarious if there is no friction:

1.Friction is not a negative thing. It’s a positive one.

2.How can you think of walking or running with your legs on the ground?

3.Oh, when there is no friction, forget about running how can you even stand?

There are many things which can be done with the use of friction.
Standing, running, sitting.

Driving a car.

Catching a baby with hands.

Catching a phone to answer this question and many more are the things which can be done only with the help of friction.

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