5 Hidden Signs that You Are Highly Intelligent, Backed By Science

All people are different and we each have a personal combination of traits and characteristics that nobody else has. We all have a gift or talent in something, but some people are extremely intelligent.
We have IQ tests but they really have proven not to be an effective measurement of intelligence. Although it might be the closest thing we have right now, there are others ways to determine how intelligent you are. Don’t feel as if you have to be intelligently gifted either; each person is gifted in their own way and intelligence is always obtainable. However, according to science if you display these signs you are highly intelligent. Never stop seeking knowledge!


 Anxiety can be a key indicator for intelligence. Anxious people have been found to be smarter, according to science. One study found that the worse anxiety symptoms a person had, the more intelligent they were.  Another study found that anxious participants were more focused and effective at executing tasks. So if you’re worried about worrying, maybe you don’t have to worry anymore.

Early Reader

Early readers have also been found to be highly intelligent. If you took an interest in reading at a very young age you are probably very smart. A British study found that the earliest one started to read, the smarter they were.

Music Lessons

Studies have also found that people who took music lessons as a child were more intelligently gifted. The musical training enhances intelligence and executive function.


Everyone loves a person with a good sense of humor, many people even believe it to be the number one quality a person can have. It can also indicate intelligence. It’s been shown that being funny and a high verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning is directly related to intelligence.

Dark Humor

Not only does good verbal humor correlate to high intelligence, but dark humor has been found to be too! If you make some morbid jokes every now and then, it’s okay. You might make a room full of people feel rather awkward, but at least it means you’re intelligent right?

Source,credits and courtesy: awarenessact.com

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