Who is the father of physics?

Physics is a branch of Science that deals with the study of natural phenomena that are prevalent in the nature.
So here we have to find out who is the Father of Physics. We might find this like just like we solve physical problems, by the Method of Deduction.
We also know that this while studying the different fields of Physics itself, we make certain assumptions for better analysis of those fields.
Here also we make certain assumptions for our deductions to work. Let us see what are those:
We see you have asked for the ‘Father of Physics’. So we can assume that Physics is actually a child.
We see, the word is Physcics. It ends with an ‘S’. So we can assume it to be plural. Consequently we may deduce that Physics is not a child but actually children.
Now we try to find out how many children constitute this Physics.
Wikipedia tells us these are the broadly classified topics of Physics. So we may assume these to be the number the children that actually constitute physics. These numbers are above 100. We deduce that there are more than 100 children.
Now we draw some concepts from Biology. Biology is branch of science that deals with the processes and functions of living organisms.
We come to find out the it is not quite possible for a person to be the father of 100 children, based on moral grounds.
So we may conclude that Physics (with its constituent children) has many fathers and not a single one.
Now I’m putting aside this maniacal deduction.
There is no single father of physics. It was developed through the ages, right from the early man who invented the fire and the wheel. So to single out a person from all of the scientists who have devoted their entire lives to the enhancement and development of Physics, would be very very unfair. We should give credit to each and every men and women who have worked hard to create a society with these scientific innovations which we have come to take for granted.
P.S. The deduction was only meant for a humorous understanding of the above mentioned fact and is not to be taken too seriously.
source: quora.com

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