If a black hole approached and entered the Solar System, what would we see in the sky?

Imagine Carl Sagan and Morgan Freeman had a baby with Neil Tyson Degrasse, and that child later began narrating documentaries – yeah now imagine his voice as you read this.

The black hole in this scenario is one of the smaller ones.
These types of black holes move through space like cosmic merchants of Death and destruction at a terrifying speed of 400,000 kilometers per hour – four times faster than the average velocity of the stars in our galactic neighborhood.(One could be approaching Earth this very minute as you’re reading this)
What has made it move so fast? The most plausible theory is because of the explosive kick of a supernova, one of the Universe’s most titanic events.
The really massive black holes at the centers of galaxies will stay there unless something catastrophic happens, like a direct collision between two galaxies.
In case we haven’t been sucked into the black hole, this is what i suppose it might look like Day1 from below
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Then hopefully we can start thinking of ways to survive it’s harmful effect.
Source: quora

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