Why sky is blue color?

Everyone of us see sky is blue color but do you ever thought why it is blue color because its space exists nothing then why does it looks blue.If you got the question did anyone answer your question,ok let me clear it today why sky is blue?

Sun rays take nearly 8 mins 20 sec to reach our earth atmosphere. The sun rays comprises of VIBGYOR.
Here, look at this picture this gives you the answer.
Since Red,Orange,Yellow,Green have higher wave length it reaches the earth surface. Blue has less wave length of above color that can reach only the atmosphere level.
Atmosphere comprises of gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide etc… so these molecules scatter the blue light that we observe the SKY is BLUE.
Sometimes in evening we can observe sky is ORANGE in colour
This picture makes you clear.
In evening time we observe sky as orange in color because, at the time sun sets, it appear horizontal portion to you. So, the ORANGE which has higher wavelength scatter the air molecules that makes the sky to appear as ORANGE.
In NIGHT time. The sun goes off (bye bye to the sun).
Now there is no rays touches the earth atmosphere this why we it seems dark and we can enjoy the STARS and MOON in the sky. During day time as blue rays disappear the stars.
Hope it’s clear the matter.
Source: quora

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